Accountability Outcomes

Accountability 13 items used 30 times


  1. Explain how the statement of Christ – if you love me you will keep my commands, applies to other loving relationships as well. (Hist1)       CP-1  6
  2. Explain how Biblical submission is seen in the relationship between Christ and the Father and between a husband and wife. (Intro to Bible) CT-1  2
  3. Explain at least 4 of the accountability relationships defined by the Manual for a local church and their theological implications. CT-2  1
  4. Demonstrate how a Church board holds a local pastor accountable. Share an example of a monthly pastor’s report to the board. CP-2 1
  5. Demonstrate how a pastor holds Church leaders and teachers accountable. CP-3        1
  6. Explain how the difference between Biblical understanding of forgiveness, restitution and trust compare and contrast with local cultural understandings and the impact on the accountability relationship.   CP-5 5
  7. Explain the Biblical understanding of stewardship in relationship to accountability. (OT Exegesis) CH-1   4
  8. Compare and contrast the difference between accountability and coercion or manipulation. CH-2  4
  9. Demonstrate how you are accountable to God. (Spiritual Formation) CH-3
  10. Give examples of how you are accountable the DS, your mentor and your disciples. CH-4  2
  11. Explain the role of social media and small groups, both positive and negative benefits. CT-3 1
  12. Demonstrate how small group leader is accountable to his/her small group. CP-4 1
  13. Explain how the Bible, the Manual and cultural expectations help solve or make worse problems that arise in a local church. Give several examples of how problems were or were not resolved. (Hist1) M8 CX-1   1

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