Administration Outcomes

Administration 14 items used 22 times


  1. Demonstrate how to bring believers into membership in the Congregation according to the Manual. CT-4  1
  2. Demonstrate how to understand the Mission of God for this Congregation i.e. how to find God’s vision for a particular congregation at this time in this place. CX-2  4
  3. Demonstrate how to equip members of the congregation with the knowledge and tools needed for their particular responsibility. (OT Exegesis) CP-6   3
  4. Demonstrate the role of a nomination committee and the annual election process. CT-6  1
  5. Explain the local laws that impact the congregation. CT-7  2
  6. Demonstrate how to train members in stewardship of resources for accomplishing the mission of the Church at all levels; local, district and global. CP-7    3
  7. Demonstrate the proper supervision of auxiliaries; NYI, NMI and SDMI as well as other coordinators the congregation chooses.       CP-8    1
  8. Demonstrate how to train a local church treasurer and church board secretary to report monthly and annually to the church board and congregation. CP-9    1
  9. Demonstrate the budgeting process for the Local Church and for at least one special project. M10 CP-10   1
  10. Demonstrate planning from 3 months to 1 year. CP-11  1
  11. Demonstrate how to report to the local church board and to the district Assembly. CP-12  1
  12. Demonstrate submission to those in authority within the Church. CH-6
  13. Demonstrate administration using patience, gentleness, and diligence. (Hist 1) M11 CH-8  2
  14. Demonstrate how the Manual structure interacts/informs the Vision of God for a congregation. CT-5
  15. Demonstrate how a pastor functions in love as the visionary chairperson of a church board. CH-5
  16. Explain the Manual provisions that guide a local congregation through a church year. CT-8
  17. Explain the steps to a successful project that integrates well with the vision of the congregation. CP-13 1
  18. Explain how to Model Christ as an administrator. CH-7

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