Continuing Education Outcomes

Continuing Education 5 items used 11 times


  1. Explain every social and environmental aspect that impacts the life of the church and the community. CT-9  2
  2. Demonstrate how to make an in-depth and evaluation of the most pressing issues for the church and community. CX-3 3
  3. Explain the most urgent needs and problems facing the community where the church is located. CX-4  4
  4. Explain the job responsibilities of local officials and demonstrate how to build relationships with those in position of authority.       (Hist1) M13 CX-5       1
  5. Demonstrate how to prioritize issues in order of urgency and then actively seek and bring appropriate solutions to bring remedy or relief. CP-14 1 (These should be some of the first things a new pastor does when assigned to a new church. This information will become very valuable in orienting and tailoring a continuing education plan that will benefit the individual, the church, and the community).
  6. Explain how to request a continuing educational program that will most benefit your ministry in your local church and community. CX-6

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