Counsel Listen Outcomes

Counsel – Listen 7 items used 16 times


  1. The pastor should be able to understand the biblical foundation of counseling and to explain the importance of knowing how to counsel people using the resources of the body of Christ. CT-10 2
  2. Demonstrate the ability to listen to others. He/she must practice active listening skills so that he/she can grasp the core problem or issues of the person they are talking with. CP-15 5
  3. Demonstrate the ability to ask appropriate and reflective questions. CP-16 2
  4. Demonstrate how to be prayerfully sensitive to nonverbal communication given by the person to help understand potential underlying motives and or problems. CP-17 1
  5. Demonstrate how to express his/her feeling appropriately in situations like accidents, tragedies, lose of a family, losing jobs, etc. (in difficult life situations) (Hist1) M14 CH-9 2
  6. Demonstrate the ability to identify church members who are also gifted in this area, and willing to develop them into good helpers in this ministry. CP-20 1
  7. Demonstrate how to apply basic counseling techniques. CP-18
  8. Explain or demonstrate the difference between confronting and attacking. And he/she should know how to avoid attacking others in the mist of counseling, but at the same time knows how to help the person to see and to admit his/her problem, and they will be willing to move toward the direction of changing lifestyle or stopping sinning. (OT Exegesis) CP-18  1
  9. Demonstrate the ability to provide pre-marital and marital counseling. CP-19
  10. Explain the limits of counseling and that only God’s power can change people’s hearts.  CT-11
  11. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity. CH-10
  12. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-11

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