Disciple Outcomes

Disciple 17 items used 38 times


  1. The student will be able to explain the basic essential concepts of discipleship, and explain what is a disciple, how to be a disciple, why would a person become a disciple, and how to make more disciples. (Hist1) M16 CP-30  4
  2. The students demonstrate how to care for the growth of the disciples in applying the Word of God in everyday life. CP-34  4
  3. The student should introduce good holiness literature as well as classical Christian literature (audio, video, or other formats) for his/her congregation so that they can continuously to grow in their every day life outside of the church. CT-15 2
  4. The student will demonstrate how to develop questions and make observations of the group that enables the group to more fully understand each other’s spiritual condition. CP-36  2
  5. The students will testify each week to love by putting the needs of someone else ahead of their own. (Spiritual Formation) CH-18  3
  6. The student will demonstrate how to lead a person to the experience of Entire Sanctification. (Doctrine of Holiness) CP-37 2
  7. The student will explain the nature of growth in grace, leading up to and following salvation, leading up to and following Entire Sanctification. (Doctrine of Holiness) CT-16  3
  8. The student will understand how to write then share their conversion/spiritual journey narrative. CP-38 3
  9. The student will model spiritual disciplines to their small group and others including: prayer, devotional reading, fasting, solitude, public worship and others. CH-19    1
  10. To use the reading of God’s Word to improve one’s spiritual growth for personal devotions and to model that for a small group. (M OT Exegesis) CT-60   1
  11. The student will lead by example by demonstrating they are being discipled and discipling others as well. CH-17   2
  12. The student will start a discipleship group. CP-31   2
  13. The student will demonstrate that those they are discipling are equipped to disciple others.  CP-32   2
  14. The student should demonstrate how to establish an accountability group among his/her discipleship groups. CP-33   2
  15. The student will train their disciples in the application of evangelism. CP-35   2
  16. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity. CP-39   1
  17. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-20  1

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