Evangelize Outcomes

Evangelize 11 items used 29 times


  1. The student will bring grace into others’ lives through helping to meet felt needs, being an example of righteous living, be able to explain the fallen state of man, sinful condition, and his need for salvation. CP-41 3
  2. The student will pray for the not yet saved and teach others to do the same CP-42        4
  3. The student will explain how to create church outreach models that give room for interaction with not-yet-believers, and build an inventory of felt needs in the community and discover ways the church can be a part of fulfilling those felt needs CT-18  2
  4. The student will demonstrate passion for reaching the unsaved, and the urgency of reaching the unsaved CH-21 3
  5. The student will explain how to present the necessary claims of Christ on a person. (OT Exegesis) CP-43  3
  6. The student will explain how people come to Christ using a wide pattern of experiences.       CP-44  2
  7. The student will demonstrate at least 5 culturally appropriate patterns for presenting salvation to a non-believer.       CT-19 2
  8. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity.       CP-45  2
  9. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-22       2
  10. The student demonstrates intentionally building and modeling strong and honest relationships with non-believers CP-40   2
  11. The student will develop contact points within the community that creates interaction with unbelievers. CT-17   2

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