Impact Community Outcomes

Impact Community 9 items used 16 times


  1. Identify various tangible ways the church can connect with the community. (Hist 1) CP-52       3
  2. The student explains how to balance meeting humanitarian needs and the sharing the gospel. (Hist 1) M20 CP-54        2
  3. Identify, list and explain biblical examples where the people of God or the church made a positive / negative impact to the community. (OT Exegesis) CX-7 3
  4. In light of the scriptures studied, the student will explain the basic steps toward individual or community disaster relief in cooperation with other organizations or ministries if possible.  CP-57 1
  5. The student will demonstrate involvement in the community. (Doctrine of Holiness) CX-8       3
  6. Identify vocational training opportunities the church can initiate in a given context in partnership with the community leaders. CP-53 1
  7. Explain the process and steps of organizing a culturally appropriate evangelistic outreach such as: a Jesus Film showing project or, a medical and/or dental mission. CP-55    1
  8. Demonstrate the skill in communicating with community and government officials. CP-56   1
  9. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity. CH-24         1
  10. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-25

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