Impact Community

strong, dramatic effect

–           have effect on something or someone

–           show(ing) change

–           ‘empower or empowered’ influence

–           Positively cause change

–           Intentional positive and creative change

–           Actively effecting change

–           Create response (both negatively and positively) like provoke

–           Making others realize

–           Producing something others to see, hear, realize, etc.

–           (philo) bring into being

–           (active/ly) Make things happen (as oppose to seeing things happen)

All activities of a local church, through the initiative of the pastor, must bring positive and life-changing impact to the community. While the church is towering model of spiritually called-out people, it is not intended to be a model with a passive impact. It is a dynamic organism. The pastor, therefore, could lead the church using some of the following activities/programs:

  1. Intentional Church-based activities towards community

a. Jesus Film showing

b. Mass/Open Crusade

c. Evangelistic campaign (i.e. March of Jesus and the like)

d. One-to-one and/or house-to-house evangelism

e. Cell group

2. Non-churchly activities

a. Feeding program

b. Back-to-School program

c. Chaplaincy

d. Feasibility study (intended to map out the need of the community in terms of economic, social/psycho-social, health, education, and even spiritual)

3.  Community-based development (in partnership with NGOs and/or government agencies)

a. Community clean-up drive

b. Health drive

c. Anti-drug campaign

d. Anti-human trafficking drive

e. Livelihood program

f. Sports program

  1. It is a must then for a pastor to be “connected” with the greater community, not only secluded within the four corners of the church building.
  2. A good communicator/relator to/with community leaders. A pastor must know his/her community leaders; or better yet, he must introduce himself/herself as a pastor in the community.
  3. A good working relationship with NGOs and government agencies will help in the community-based development programs

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