Ministry Outcomes

Ministry 9 items used 29 times

The Students will be able to ….

  1. Explain the nature of Christian Ministry. Need improving  CT-28   2
  2. List at least 10 ways a member of their congregation can minister in their daily life context.  CP-83  3
  3. Equip at least one person to implement the gifting God has given them in both the local congregation and their daily life context. CP-84 3
  4. Demonstrate how to help a person understand how to live in God’s will for their lives.  CP-85 5
  5. Explain how the Biblical theology of the Body of Christ applies to ministry activities.  CT-30 3
  6. Explain how the Biblical theology of stewardship applies to ministry. CT-31  2
  7. Tell the story of three ways that ministry has changed during the history of the Church. CT-32  3
  8. Demonstrate diligence by helping others identify their spiritual gifts and natural talents.  CH-32  3
  9. Identify and model the spiritual gifts and natural abilities God has endowed to the student. CT-29   2
  10. Model stewardship of spiritual gifts in ministry with others. CH-33    1
  11. Compare and contrast different ministry practices used by local congregations in different cultural contexts. (Hist1) M25 CX-10   1
  12. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity.       CH-34 1
  13. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-35   1

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