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Personal Spiritual Development Outcomes

Personal Spiritual Development (Holiness) 12 items used 22 times


  1. Explain the definitions of and compare and contrast the benefits of each of the historical terms used for Entire Sanctification. (Spiritual Formation)   CT-33    2
  2. Explain the kenosis passage (Philippians 2:5-11) as it relates to our “imitation of Christ” (Spiritual Formation)   CT-34 2
  3. The student will explain what the Holy Spirit has shown them will need to change in their life that would make them more like Christ. (Spiritual Formation)   CH-36 3
  4. Explain the differences between a Wesleyan understanding of spiritual development and some other theological traditions. (Spiritual Formation)   (Hist1) M27   CT-35 2
  5. List and explain top ten character traits a pastor should have as it relates to pastoral ministry. (Spiritual Formation)       CH-37 1
  6. List ten persons from Bible or Christian History and list the personal spiritual development practices used by these. (Spiritual Formation). CT-36  1
  7. Identify the spiritual development practices that are important to you, what practices speak to you the most in your spiritual growth. CH-38 2
  8. Develop a system that focuses on the development of spiritual character of the leaders of the church. (Spiritual Formation)   CP-86  1
  9. Develop a yearly Sunday School lesson and yearly preaching plan focusing on character traits a pastor and/or a church must have (love, forgiveness, humility, courage, compassion, justice, etc.) (Spiritual Formation)   CH-40 3
  10. Teach at least one age-group programs / activities that nurture qualities and traits CP-87  2 (Spiritual Formation)
  11. Implement a practical model of Christ in compassionate ministry activities. (Spiritual Formation)   CX-11  2
  12. To identify the key people and events in chronological order in the book(s) and their roles in the context of their times. CT-56    1
  13. The student will develop a program for their own spiritual development. CH-39  (Spiritual Formation)

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