Preach Outcomes

Preach 12 items used 26 times


  1. Demonstrate how to properly exegete a passage as the basis for a sermon. CP-88 1
  2. Demonstrate an interpretation of Scripture that is in line with Wesleyan Arminian Holiness theology. Teach others a Wesleyan-Arminian understanding of the doctrine of God. CP-89 4
  3. Demonstrate 5 different ways to properly organize / deliver a sermon for a culturally appropriate length of time. CP-90 2
  4. Explain the difference between teaching and preaching. CT-37 3
  5. Demonstrate the ability to apply the word to call for obedience or change in response to the sermon. CP-92 3
  6. Explain at least 4 ways that a pastor or evangelist can call people to respond to the truth of the sermon. CT-38 2
  7. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively. CP-93 2
  8. Demonstrate how the message has impacted or changed the preachers own life. CH-41 1
  9. Explain how to use a culturally appropriate illustration that actually supports the point that the sermon is making. CX-12 2
  10. Explain several changes in the methods of sermon delivery in the history of the Church. (Hist 1) M28 CT-40 1
  11. Explain the theological reasons for God using preaching as the means to deliver the message of salvation. CT-42 4
  12. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity. CH-42 1
  13. Develop a one year preaching plan in line with the Christian calender and seasons.   CP-91
  14. Explain at least 4 ways to help the congregation apply the truth of the sermon.   CT-39
  15. Explain the structure of several Biblical sermons. CT-41
  16. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ. CH-43

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