Ritual Outcomes

Ritual 5 items used 6 times

The Student will be able to…

  1. Contrast the purpose of ritual from other faiths and the purpose of rituals in Christianity. (Hist 1) CX-14 1
  2. Explain the impact of any local laws or customs on major rituals. CX-15       1
  3. Explain the steps needed to organize a major ritual such as a wedding or baptism. CP-98 1
  4. Demonstrate several techniques for administration of various rituals. (Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, and Communion must be included) and where to find the rituals in the Manual.  CP-100  2
  5. Demonstrate public reading or memorized scripture quotation during a ritual. CP-101  1
  6. Explain the theological implications of a wide range of rituals. CP-97
  7. Demonstrate basic counseling for both pre-marital and grief. CP-99
  8. Explain how to Model Christ in this activity. CH-47
  9. Demonstrate the Character qualities identified as Modeling Christ – esp wedding. CH-48

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