Definition: Vision is a clear and challenging picture of the future of the ministry as you believe that it can and must be. It is a clear picture of the future that God wants for the ministry.

Forming a Vision, Do list:

-Think about and clarify core values (both the pastor and the pastor with the leadership group

-Find the actual and the aspirational core values held in the organization (actual: beliefs that are owned and practiced; aspirational: beliefs that we feel we should hold but do not actually own and practice)

-write down the core beliefs, no more than 6, and rate them from lowest to highest

-select a single guiding value

-write a mission statement: a broad, brief, biblical statement of what the organization is supposed to be doing: what is the main thing God has called us to accomplish?

-reshape the mission statement so that is looking toward the future, not looking toward the past

-Do an environmental scan:

what is happening in the real context of the ministry?

How has God gifted this group / congregation already? What strengths do they have? What is lacking or not present?

What is the current context of the neighborhood where ministry is or could be taking place: social environment, economic environment, political environment, religious environment…SWOT

-work through the vision process: prayer, core values, mission, environment, brainstorm, organize

-effectively communicate the vision

  1. Demonstrate how to form or discover clear core values and the mission of the group.
  2. Explain the environment that the group will be ministering in.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to create a clear SWOT for the group in their context.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to analyze the gifting and abilities of the group
  5. Demonstrate the ability to form a clear and compelling vision statement in conjunction with key members of the group.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate the vision clearly and consistently.

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