Characteristic of a disciple


Has one teacher as their model and example





Follow the Rabbi wherever he goes

Copy exactly the way the Rabbi does things

Understand the teaching of the Rabbi



The goal is to become like the Rabbi

Do what the Rabbi does and do it correctly

Deny himself

Carry his cross

Follow the Lord


What may involve in discipleship



Evangelizing and making converts

Bible study

Training seminars

Listening to sermons

Spend time with older believers


Definition of Discipleship

Discipleship is more of a relationship than a list of things to do and to accomplish, even though there will be a list of outcomes, actions and behaviors flow out of this relationship. It is a process to help a believer to mature, to define his/her relationship with the Lord and to determine his/her life direction in the will of God. The outcome of a discipleship has these elements: from a person who is discipling others: 1) fruitful 2) has a kingdom perspective 3) increasing faith in the Lord 4) total surrender 5) increasing patience, wisdom and humility 5) Perseverance 6) increasing rely on the Lord through prayers. 7) deepen the understanding of the Word of God. From a person who is being discipled: 1) confident about born again experience 2) has a strong desire to share the gospel with others 3) understand that belief is just the beginning step of this spiritual life growth journey not the end of it. 4) love the Word of God 5) increasing faith in the Lord 6) understand and willing to deny the self in a daily basis 7) Devoted and willing to obey God’s will. 8) Committed 9) has a kingdom perspective on people, church and ministry. 10) increasing the fruit of the Spirit, patience, wisdom and humility 11) love others



  1. The pastor should understand the basic and essential concept of discipleship, and he/she is able to explain 1) what is a disciple 2) Why should be a disciple 3) what can a disciple do 4) How to make       more disciples.
  2. The pastor should be able to start a discipleship group in his/her congregation.
  3. The pastor should be able to help those who are being disciple to disciple others.
  4. The pastor should know how to establish an accountability among his/her discipleship groups.
  5. The pastor knows how to care for the growth of the disciples of their learning of the Word of God.
  6. The pastor should be able to increase and lead the discipleship group involve in evangelism.
  7. The pastor should know how to introduce good classic spiritual readings for his/her congregation so that they can continuously to grow even when they were not in the church.
  8. The pastor should be sensitive and know how to observe each discipleship group member’s spiritual need, and knows how to walk along the side with them.
  9. The pastor should be able to demonstrate love and care to his/her church member so that they can do the same to one another.

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