This is a list of the courses that make up the Regional Example Curriculum. There are 16 core courses that express the essential content that every ordained minister needs. These are represented in the bold print below and are the first 16 courses listed. The remaining 8 courses are recommended but may be adapted to the needs of a particular school. For a full degree program, many other courses could be added to meet the needs of accreditation.

The syllabus for each course can be found clicking on its name below.

Number Course ID Course Name
1 B101 Introduction to the Bible
2 PL101 Formation of Spiritual Disciplines
3 B102 Wesleyan Interpretation of Scripture
4 DS101 Discipleship
5 B103 NT Exegesis: The Four Gospels
6 CP101 Church Planting Skills
7 TH101 Foundational Theology 1
8 TH102 Doctrine of Holiness
9 AD201 Nazarene Identity
10 B204 OT Exegesis: Pentateuch
11 CH201 Church History 1
12 PL202 Pastoral Life
13 B205 NT Exegesis: Pauline Epistles
14 CO201 Communicating Christ
15 TH203 Foundational Theology 2
16 PL203 Community Engagement
17 CR301 Intro to the Religions of Asia and the Pacific
18 BT301 Biblical Theology of Leadership
19 B306 OT Exegesis: Prophets
20 PT301 Intro to Pastoral Theology
21 AP301 Intro to Apologetics
22 B307 NT Exegesis: General Epistles
23 CE301 Christian Education
24 CH302 Church History 2