This is a list of tools and resources available through this site.   As the number of tools grows this page will include links to them.  Our intention is to host our finished materials on the Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library.  Materials that are in draft form will appear as web pages on this site.  We are very open to suggested materials that may be sold or purchased.  They can be listed here as products for sale.  We will not link to any specific site for the purchase.

All Materials listed are intended to support one or more of the modules in our Course of Study.   We will update this list on a regular basis and link back to modules they are intended to support.   We will also link from the modules to these resources.

Recommended Links and Resources

Free College Classes: 190 Universities just launched 600 Free Online Courses

Theology Resources

The Precious Blood of Christ  This is an excellent treatment of the history of the doctrine of the atonement.  Well written, scholarly yet simple to read.