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Activities – Defined, Outcomes Identified

Definitions and Outcomes of Activity Statements

The following are the activities that the AP RCOSAC has identified as most commonly needed by ministers who are studying for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene on the Asia-Pacific Region. These activities should be developed in the life of each ordained minister in order to accomplish the ability statements (Desired Outcomes) found in the APRSOOMD (542.4).


You can click on each of the activities below for the definition of each term.

Accountability, Administration, Continuing Education, Counsel ā€“ Listen, Dealing Biblically with the Spirit World, Discipline ā€“ Personal and Family, Disciple, Evangelize, Fasting, Impact Community, Leadership, Ministry, Personal Spiritual Development (Holiness), Prayer, Preach, Ritual, Sabbath, Small groups.

Activity Outcomes

The definitions were used as the basis for the discussion over outcome statements. The outcomes are implementing outcomes that should guide the formation of specific lessons.

These outcome statements occur frequently and extensively throughout the curriculum and are balanced with the 4 Cā€™s of content, competency, character, and context. The reason for the large number is to demonstrate the breadth needed for the preparation of ministers. In older forms of curriculum, many of these activities are assumed but never clearly stated. This curriculum purposefully states the intended outcomes so that both teachers and students can be guided in the formation and preparation for the ordained ministry.


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