Every program of study that leads to ordination in the Church of the Nazarene must be validated by the International Course of Study Advisory Committee (ICOSAC) and the General Board. The Asia-Pacific Regional Course of Study Advisory Committee (RCOSAC) receives the submissions and recommends them to the ICOSAC for consideration.

Useful resources in the validation process include:

Required documents as part of the submission packet include:

  • Introductory Letter: A general proposal in letter form to the RCOSAC outlining the described program/degree.
  • Validation Submission Narrative (follow the outline in Sourcebook Appendix E).
  • Program Evaluation Worksheet connecting Ability Statements to coursework (which courses address which ability statements).
  • ICOSAC Program Summary Form providing the overall weighting of the 4-Cs in the program.
  • Copies of Syllabi for all courses listed under Course Title/Number showing appropriate objectives, assignments and assessments.
  • Catalog copy of the degree program showing required courses to complete the Course of Study.
  • Advising Sheet if available (allows the committee to see the flow of classes and also if there is any flexibility and to share with District Credential Boards annually).