Definition: Evangelism is the process of being used by God to bring another person or group of persons to a place of making a decision to respond to God’s offer of grace. Most evangelism is relational in nature, and understands that a decision involves both knowledge, attitude and faith in Christ.

Do List

-intentionally build strong and honest relationships with non-believers

-bring grace into others’ lives through helping to meet felt needs

-bring grace into others’ lives through example of righteous living

-bring grace into others’ livew through impartation of Christian knowledge of God, humanity, sin and salvation

-teach and model relationship building to others

-pray for the not yet saved and teach others to do the same

-create church programs that give room for interaction and good works for and with not-yet-believers

-teach the importance of reaching the unsaved, and the passion of God for the unsaved

– build an inventory of felt needs in the community and discover ways the church can be a part of fulfilling those felt needs

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