(ritual – noun and adjective)

  • established pattern of observance
  • prescribed pattern
  • ceremony
  • set or ordered performance
  • a pattern of actions or words
  • a sequence
  • following a pattern
  • regularly done
  • precisely done
  • habit
  • practice
  • procedure
  • conventional
  • tradition
  • routine
  • formal acts

Rituals are the ceremonies used by the Body of Christ to show how people connect to God and the Body of Christ during the significant events and decisions in a person’s life. Rites of Passage – Birth, Death, Marriage, baby dedication and or baptism. Confirmation of Decisions – Salvation, Baptism, Membership, Graduation, Call to Ministry, Ordination, election or appointment to an office or responsibility.

Basic skills needed,

  1. Reading publicly
  2. Event organization
  3. Counseling
  4. Working knowledge about Cultural and governmental laws (marriage,funeral)
  5. Public relations
  6. Creativity
  7. Worship leading

Connects infant baptism with the prevenient grace of God

Distinguishes clearly the purpose of the sacraments as a means of grace and not as a means of salvation

Re-creates and /or re-lives the Jesus-story behind the communion / Lord’s Supper

An essential part of creating a Ritual is building scriptural verses to be read while the elements (bread and wine) are distributed or the baptism, dedication, etc is done.

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