From Creation God intended for and modeled a day of rest for everyone. This was confirmed by God when He gave Moses the Ten commandments.   However, in Christ this is not a demand of law but a privilege of rest. Some people are not able to take this time each week due to the demand of their work – such as slaves in the Roman Empire. However, it is important that each person finds a time of rest on a regular basis (weekly) if possible. While the circumstance of some people may make this impossible at times, weekly rest is the normal pattern for Christian Worship. Sabbath is a time of restoration; physical, spiritual, and emotional. For many failure to take Sabbath time is actually a form of pride and self dependence. Our bodies and minds are designed by God to function best when we pause weekly in worship and rest. Not taking a sabbath can lead to failing health, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

  1. Demonstrate taking a weekly defined time of rest.
  2. Explain the Biblical foundations for Sabbath.
  3. Explain the difference between a legalistic understanding of Sabbath and the grace that is available to us in a Sabbath time.
  4. Explain why some can consider every day the same before the Lord but each person has a need for a defined time of rest; Colossians.
  5. List several benefits that come from regular Sabbath.
  6. Explain the difference in activities between an ordinary day and a sabbath rest day.

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