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23 Christian Education CE301

Course Description

Students will study the principles, philosophies, objectives, methods and importance of Christian education. Students will be exposed to different learning methods, and will also identify the importance of their own education and the need to transmit what they have learned to others.

 Course Rational

Christian education seeks to equip leaders for lives of Christian service, in the pursuit of knowledge and the development of Christian character. How people learn tends to be universal and cross-cultural, but how people teach tends to be deeply cultural and not always effective. This course will help challenge and improve the pastors view of the way people learn and make them more effective in teaching others how to teach as well as in their own teaching and preaching.


Program Outcomes from APR SOO


CN-1 Ability to describe the basic story of the Bible.

CN-2 Ability to describe the basic content of the Old Testament, identify the principal people and events and their roles in Old Testament history.

CN-3 Ability to describe the basic content of the New Testament, identify the principal people and events and their roles in New Testament history.


CP-1 Ability to communicate effectively in writing with cultural relevance.

CP-2 Ability to communicate effectively orally with cultural relevance.

CP-3 Ability to prepare Biblical messages for effective and sound Bible preaching.

CP-4 Ability to teach the Word of God.

CP-6 Ability to present the Gospel in a clear and Biblical way.

CP-11 Ability to organize and promote Christian education for all ages.


CH-1 Ability to take responsibility for one’s own spiritual growth with the goal of becoming like Christ.

CH-2 Ability to find, understand and utilize resources for one’s own spiritual growth in prayer, Bible study, and personal devotion.

CH-3 Ability to practice personal Christian ethics in faithful stewardship, in personal relationships, and in finances.

CH-5 Ability to demonstrate oneself consistently in public Christian ethics, in decision making, and in conducting oneself as a Christian in a pagan society.

CH-6 Ability to give value to the interrelated aspects (ethical, personal, social, and environmental) in the development of persons in any social structure.


CX-5 Basic ability to identify elements of culture.

CH-7 Ability to distinguish between world views – Local, Biblical, and Western.


Assessment and Evaluation

Primary Course Outcomes


Ability to conceive and articulate purpose, mission, and vision, and to develop strategic plans in a local church. CP-23 OTH

Ability to envision Christian education most appropriate for a local church and to assure the development and empowerment of those serving in it. CP-29 OTH

Ability to prepare, organize and deliver a biblically sound basic scheme of teaching/learning discipleship in culturally appropriate ways, using appropriate techniques and skills CP-30 OTH

Ability to develop and utilize existing ministry forms such as (such as Sunday school administration and oversight, teacher education, curriculum planning and assessment, small group facilitation and training and family nurture and formation, etc.) by which individuals, families, and congregations may be formed into Christlikeness. CP-31 OTH

Ability to assess and implement emerging approaches to Christian education in light of enduring theological (Bible, doctrine, philosophy) and contextual (history, psychology, sociological) perspectives. CP-32 OTH


Explain at least 4 ways that a pastor or evangelist can call people to respond to the truth of the sermon. CN-38 PRE


Demonstrate how to train members in stewardship of resources for accomplishing the mission of the Church at all levels; local, district and global. CP-7 ADM


The student will demonstrate at least 5 culturally appropriate patterns for presenting salvation to a non-believer. CN-19 EVA


The student will understand how to write then share their conversion narrative. CP-38 DIS

Impact Community

Identify, list and explain biblical examples where the people of God or the church made a positive / negative impact to the community. CX-7 ICO


Demonstrate the ability to analyze the gifting and abilities of the group. CP-69 LEA

Demonstrate the ability to communicate the vision clearly and consistently.   CP-71 LEA

Demonstrate a capacity to identify tasks as opportunities for team development. CP-77 LEA


The student will explain several ways to teach and to influence his/her congregation to have a strong passion of prayer and form various types of prayer groups and meetings. CN-46 PRA


Explain how your words and actions impact another person’s feelings of self-worth. CH-4 OTH

Identify and explain the variety of ways our communication can be misunderstood and how this impairs good communication. CX-11 OTH

Be able to identify the key components of take a lengthy document, or speech, and re-communicate it in very concise way with equal, or increased effectiveness. CN-45 OTH

Outcomes by Total and Percentage

Content 9 32%
Competency 9 32%
Character 3 11%
Context 7 25%



1. Small Groups
Each student will be asked to meet each class session with a group of persons to allow reflection on educational concepts, provide feedback on application of some of the materials presented in class, and to work on cooperative projects.
2. Teach
Plan and teach a Sunday School Lesson. Employing some of the various teaching methods each student will prepare a lesson plan for each age group (children, youth or adult) based on the class information.
3. Report on Christian Education
Each student will orally present their understanding of the vital importance of Christian Education in the church, using of methods as well as content learned in class and course materials.
4. Report on Teaching Methods
Explain teaching methods that build confidence in the student’s ability to use and share what they have learnt with their peers and in public settings.


Class Outline



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