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02 Formation of Spiritual Disciplines PL101

02 -Formation of Spiritual Disciples PL101

Course Description

The student will study spiritual disciplines using a Wesleyan worldview, with emphasis on the development of their prayer life, meditation, fasting, Bible study, service and worship. The student will develop personal discipleship processes and convictions that lead to more intimacy with the Father. The student must lead a small group through the development of similar practices, (this requirement will tie into the Ministry Development program).

Course Rational

The spiritual life of a pastor is key to their ministry. This course will help expand their ability to use a wide range of methods to grow and help others to also grow in Christian Maturity. This course is a prerequisite to Church planting.

Program Outcomes from APR SOO


CP-12 Ability to be an effective leader and to encourage other leaders.


CH-1 Ability to take responsibility for one’s own spiritual growth with the goal of becoming like Christ.

CH-2 Ability to find, understand and utilize resources for one’s own spiritual growth in prayer, Bible study, and personal devotion.

Assessment and Evaluation


Primary Course Outcomes

Personal Spiritual Development (Holiness / Spiritual Health)

Explain the kenosis passage (Philippians 2:5-11) as it relates to our “imitation of Christ” CN-34 HOL

Explain the similarities and differences between a Wesleyan understanding of spiritual development and some other theological traditions. CN-35 HOL


The student will fast and the student will explain how their life has changed because of fasting. CH-23 FAS


The student will have a strong commitment to a life of prayer, and willing to devote himself/herself into prayer, and can demonstrate a life of prayer by keeping a prayer journal. CH-44 PRA

Discipline – Personal and Family

The student will develop and demonstrate an effective system (strategy, method, and means) for personal spiritual development, holistic personal care and articulate the importance of accountability for these. CP-26 DPF


The students will testify each week to love by putting the needs of someone else ahead of their own. CH-18 DIS

Additional Course Outcomes

Personal Spiritual Development (Holiness / Spiritual Health)

Explain the definitions of and compare and contrast the benefits of each of the historical terms used for Entire Sanctification. CN-33 HOL

The student will explain what the Holy Spirit has shown them will need to change in their life that would make them more like Christ. CH-36 HOL

List and explain top ten character traits a pastor should have as it relates to pastoral ministry. CH-37 HOL

List five persons from Bible or Christian History and list the personal spiritual development practices used by these. CN-36 HOL

Identify the spiritual development practices that are important to you, what practices speak to you the most in your spiritual growth. CH-38 HOL

Develop a system that focuses on the development of spiritual character of the leaders of the church. CP-86 HOL

Develop a Sunday School lesson and a preaching plan focusing on character traits a pastor and/or a church must have (love, forgiveness, humility, courage, compassion, justice, etc.) CH-40 HOL

Teach at least one age-group programs / activities that nurture qualities and traits CP-87 HOL

Implement a practical model of Christ in compassionate ministry activities. CX-11 HOL


Explain the difference between a Biblical understanding of forgiveness, restitution and trust and a local cultural understandings and how that impacts accountability relationships. CP-5 ACC

Give examples of how you are accountable to God, and how that affects your relationship to your DS, your mentor and your disciples. CH-3 ACC, CH-4 ACC

Explain the role of social media and small groups, both positive and negative benefits. CN-3 ACC

Dealing Biblically with the Spirit World

Demonstrate a clear understanding of the role of prayer and fasting in responding to the spiritual world. CN-13 DBS

Discipline – Personal and Family

The student will develop a plan with a mentor that balances family and ministry expectations. CP-27 DPF


The student will lead in prayer for lost individuals God has made them responsible for. CP-95 PRA

Outcomes by total and percentage
Content-            6       23%
Competency-       8        31%
Character-          11        44%
Context –           1       3%


1. Class Journal
Journal your daily spiritual journey and each week communicate the practices for personal spiritual development and their impact. On submission the Journal will contain a plan for continued spiritual development. They will integrate the outcomes 1-5 in this process.
2. Curriculum
Develop a Bible study lesson relating to the practices of spiritual development.
3. Teaching
Teach a Bible study relating to the practices of spiritual development.
4. Creativity
The student will develop a creative reflection of demonstrating their spiritual progress across the span of this unit. (Drama, skit, multimedia, drawing or paper…)


Course outline

  1. Introduction to spiritual development
  2. Biblical and historical example of spiritual formation
  3. Wesley’s approach to spiritual formation
  4. Means of grace: itemize and develop as necessary.

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