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The main focus of this website is the development of a Regional Course of Study.  We need a great deal of help!   Here are some of our current options

  1. Lesson writers for module classes – these modules will become the textbook for many pastors.
  2. Editors for Public Domain Study books – that will be distributed to pastors for their personal library.
  3. Editors that can make sure that the English is correct and at a proper level for translation into other languages.
  4. Artists to help illustrate lessons
  5. Readers that can help read lessons into audio files so that beginning pastors who cannot read can still listen to the materials.
  6. Translators into our hundreds of languages in the Asia Pacific Region
  7. Desktop publishing for completed lessons.
  8. Song writers that can put the core concepts in a Module to song and then music to help with memorization of the key / core concepts.


  1. Robert (Bob) Maon says:

    I would welcome the opportunity to do number 3 or 2 above.

  2. Marilyn Riddlebarger says:

    Willing to help with 2 & 3 above.

  3. Marilyn Riddlebarger says:

    On what is a outcome? 5. paragraph 4 professional licensure. …remove doctor insert medical personnel

  4. equip-admin says:

    We are glad you want to be involved! We will contact you by email to talk about specific ways to help.

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