Administration enables the Body of Christ to function smoothly so that all its parts work together in love protected from temptations and guided by the Holy Spirit. Administration ensures justice so that all parts of the body are cared for, no part is excluded and the voices of each part are heard. Administration helps accomplish the Vision of God for a local congregation or Christian organization using the gifts God has given to them.

Are we trying to define administration as the responsibilities as it rests with the pastor or as the sum of the board members? We are focusing on the Pastor’s administration.



  • responsible
  • accountable


  • knows the Manual
  • knows how to report
  • understands the needs
  • knows how to supervise
  • knows the community laws
  • knows how to chair meetings
  • understands role and responsibilities of board members


  • trains
  • directs
  • informs
  • teaches
  • verifies
  • oversees
  • organizes
  • delegates
  • nominates
  • communicates
  • manages funds
  • manages projects
  • manages personnel
  • participates in planning
  • prepares and reviews budgets
  • insures smooth running operations


  1. Identify and demonstrate ways to be Christlike in administering a local church. ADM-1
  2. Explain and demonstrate how a minister leads in love while balancing the demands of administration, leading with vision, following those in authority, and the shepherding concerns of the church. ADM-2
  3. Explain the development of authority and structures from the early church (New Testament) until modern times. ADM-3
  4. Tell the story of the history of the Church of the Nazarene and consider its mission, message, governance, and its place in the larger Christian story. ADM-4
  5. Demonstrate how to teach and equip the members of the congregation with the knowledge and tools needed to fulfill the mission of the church using the resources of all levels, boards, and auxiliaries with good stewardship and reporting procedures. ADM-5
  6. Demonstrate how to train financial systems, identify key elements of profit / loss and balance statements, develop a budget together with a church board and lead the board in special projects. ADM-6
  7. Explain the Manual provisions that guide a local congregation through a church year, including the annual meeting of the church and various auxiliary organizations. ADM-7
  8. Demonstrate how to train a local church treasurer and church board secretary to report monthly and annually to the church board and congregation. ADM-8
  9. Demonstrate how to prayerfully discover God’s purpose and vision for a particular congregation at this time and in this place. ADM-9