Counseling is to help people to adjust to changes and transitions in life. It also helps and assists people to deal with daily conflict. It is one of the ways for Christians to show care, love, and support to one another through listening and counsel. Showing care may require some knowledge of theories or understanding about psychological development of humans. The Word of God is still the core to help people come out of or to know how to adjust to their life situation.



  • good listener
  • bears the fruit of the Spirit
  • not presumptive
  • sensitive observer


  • Biblical principles
  • Local laws and customs
  • Conflict resolution


  • Clear communication
  • Emotional control
  • Ask good questions


  1. Demonstrate the character qualities of Christ essential in creating an effective counseling relationship built on biblical foundations. CON-1
  2. Demonstrate an awareness and sensitivity to the wide range of communication methods characteristic of effective Christian counseling techniques, e.g. reflective listening and questions, mirroring, emotional awareness, transformative grace, and appropriate confrontation. Pastors should be able to give clear expression to one’s own emotional struggle in the midst of difficult situations. CON-2
  3. Demonstrate the ability to identify and equip church members who are gifted in the area of Biblical counseling and delegate counseling cases to them. CON-3
  4. Demonstrate the ability to provide pre-marital, marital, loss and grief counseling. CON-4
  5. Understand the biblical foundation of counseling and to explain the importance of knowing how to counsel people using the resources of the body of Christ. CON-5
  6. Explain the limits of counseling and that only God’s power can change people’s hearts. CON-6