The Bible describes the reality of the spirit world and how evil powers battle against God’s people (Ex.7:10,22; Jdg. 6:31; Dan. 10:13; Eph. 6:12). Evil will take different forms in different cultures. In some places, this may be seen in traditional religions, witch craft, the occult, or various pagan practices. In other places, evil may be more subtle in media, addictions, or gangs. Pastors need to be equipped to battle against the forces of evil in whatever form they may occur.



  • Spiritually prepared
  • Listens to the Holy Spirit


  • The biblical basis for spiritual warfare (the armor of God)
  • Local cultural issues
  • Local religious practices
  • How to distinguish evil powers from normal human circumstances


  • Prayer and fasting
  • Appropriate confrontation using Biblical methods.


  1. Model Christ through personal victory over sin and confidence in dealing with the spirit world. DBS-1
  2. Identify and interpret accurately biblical passages appropriate for responding to the spirit world. DBS-2
  3. Explain how the Church has historically and biblically responded to the spirit world and other religions. DBS-3
  4. Explain contrasts between ancient pagan views of the spirit world (idolatry, worship practices and worldviews) and the presentation of God in the Old and New Testaments. DBS-4
  5. Explain how to distinguish between demonic or spirit activity in distinction to physical or psychological phenomena. Explain the most common ways that demonic activities are expressed in your culture / context. Train people to adequately respond to the spirit world while clearly understanding of the role of prayer and fasting. DBS-5