Jesus calls all of his followers to make disciples. Some will be called to be evangelists and be gifted with evangelism, but all believers must share their faith in Jesus. Church members look to the pastor as a model and for training them how to evangelize. The local church is the hub and training point for evangelism. Evangelism is essential to church growth. Evangelism can take many forms and use many methods. Pastors need to study their context to use appropriate methods for their situation.



  • Fearless
  • Compassionate
  • Sensitive and good listener
  • Discerning
  • Passion for unsaved
  • Christlike


  • Methods
  • The gospel message
  • Culturally appropriate answers


  • Clear communication
  • Story telling
  • Pray


  1. Demonstrate Christlikeness by bearing witness to salvation in Christ to a non-believer with passion and urgency. EVA-1
  2. Demonstrate praying for not-yet-believers, developing contact points with them, and intentionally building and modeling strong and honest relationships with them, and teaching others to do the same. EVA-2
  3. Explain how to create church outreach models that interact with not-yet-believers, including holistic approaches that consider the physical and emotional needs within the community. EVA-3
  4. Demonstrate how to communicate evangelistically and to be engaged with and equip others in personal and congregational evangelism. EVA-4
  5. Demonstrate at least 5 culturally and age appropriate patterns for presenting salvation to non-believers in their community, including using stories and theology from the Bible and using language that is easy to understand and appropriate to all ages. EVA-5