Fasting is a form of prayer whereby persons remove something from their lives. It is prayer not protest. Fasting can be many forms of self-denial beyond not eating food. Fasting helps keep the flesh under submission to God and can bring spiritual victory. It keeps the temptation for consumerism under control. Fasting is a key principle in the Bible, taught in both the Old and New Testaments and by Christ himself. Fasting from food can be healthy for the body and mind.

For Christians, fasting is an expression of love for God rather than love for the world. It is an outworking of the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. At times, it makes a distinction between the world’s worship of idols and a Christian’s service to Christ. Fasting is more than self-denial; it is acting in mercy and righteousness.



  • Free from the World
  • Attuned to God’s work


  • Fasting in history
  • The biblical principles and texts for fasting


  • Fast and pray


  1. Fast and pray for a designated time, in imitation of Christ’s experience in the desert. Explain how their life has changed because of fasting. FAS-1
  2. Articulate the biblical basis for fasting, what it is (and is not), and why should we fast. FAS-2
  3. Explain various types of fasts, when and how to fast, and the history of fasting in the church with examples. FAS-3
  4. Develop a plan to lead the church into healthy understanding and practice of fasting. FAS-4