Modeling Christ is always done in the midst of other types of activities. It is not a stand alone action but is the character, and attitude of the person doing those things. We know the difference between Jesus and the thief on the cross by the way in which they acted during that experience. The thief cursed, mocked and complained. He resisted the judgement for his own sin.   Jesus submitted to injustice, forgave, encouraged and cared for his mother. Both were crucified but a person watching could easily tell who Jesus was and which was the thief. So a person who Models Christ should show in every activity the Character that would enable people to see that Christ lives in that pastor.

Some of the major elements of that character include,

  1. Love
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Submission to the will of God.
  4. Humility
    • Thankful for the position or circumstance given by God,
    • speaking truthfully about our own abilities
    • teachable
  5. Courage – willing to walk through a painful circumstance or over come fear to remain true to Christ. Putting God ahead of the possible painful consequences of doing the clear will of God.
  6. Diligence – Loving God with all the strength – Doing the will of God with all the strength and ability that God gives a person.
  7. Compassion; Concern for and care for the needs of others.

So that these Characteristics would be added as adjectives to other activities.