Course Description

A study of spiritual disciplines using a Wesleyan worldview, with emphasis on the development of students’ prayer life, meditation, fasting, Bible study, service and worship.

Students will develop personal discipleship processes and convictions that lead to more intimacy with God. Students must lead a small group through the development of similar practices.

Course Rational

The spiritual life of a minister is key to his or her ministry. This course will help expand students’ ability to use a wide range of methods to grow and help others to also grow in Christian Maturity. Students should take this course early in their studies as a foundation for other courses in the curriculum.

Intended Course Outcomes through Engagements

Students will show growth in the following ways:

  1. Character Formation: Embrace the call to the journey of transformation, owning it as their own call to holiness and Christlikeness.
  2. Content Processing with Peers: Demonstrate a growing understanding of the biblical and theological foundations for spiritual formation.
  3. Ministry Capability Development: Define, explain, and teach the personal and corporate spiritual disciplines and devotional skills.
  4. Application in Mission and Community: Determine and respond to God’s leading in being Christlike to those in one’s community.