Course Description

A survey of the first five books of the Old Testament, with attention to their history, the type of literature, and what they tell us about God and humanity.

The detailed study of the Pentateuch will establish a foundation for the study of other OT books. It will also develop the skills needed to interpret this part of Scripture for teaching and preaching. The student will explain the broad challenges of interpreting this part of the Bible and will be exposed to and study other similar writings from other cultures in the same time frame as the Pentateuch.

Course Rational

This foundational section of Scripture has many stories of faith that illustrate the way salvation works. Most of our foundational theology comes from these books. This class will help beginning ministers teach and handle these inspired stories with integrity so they can make proper application to a congregation and community.

Intended Course Outcomes through Engagements

Students will show growth in the following ways:

  1. Character Formation: Identify the key themes of the Pentateuch and experience these themes through personal spiritual growth.
  2. Content Processing with Peers: Analyze what the Pentateuch teaches about holiness and apply it to contexts today.
  3. Ministry Capability Development: Relate the major themes and events of the Pentateuch to the church in the students’ context.
  4. Application in Mission and Community: Determine relevant ways the Pentateuch applies to the local community and make a plan for how the gospel of Jesus Christ fulfills the message of the Pentateuch.


  • Syllabus
  • Asia-Pacific Module Handbook