Course Description 

A study of the letters of Paul, considering the background, structure, theology, and messages of the letters. This course may focus on selected letters or passages to provide examples of interpretation and application.

Paul’s letters reveal much about the early church and provide important foundation for Christian theology. Students will learn sound principals of exegesis. Methods for bridging the message from the ancient text to the current culture of the students will be modeled by the teacher then demonstrated by the students. Historical issues will be examined closely. Special attention will be given to passages that deal with holiness.

Course Rational

Exegesis leading to local application is a key skill for a pastor and the foundation of all teaching and preaching. The thirteen canonical letters written by the Apostle Paul are foundational for Christian theology. Selected passages will be examined more closely. The course may also focus upon specific letters of Paul.

Intended Course Outcomes through Engagements

Students will show growth in the following ways:

  1. Character Formation: Apply key ideas from Paul’s letters in one’s personal life, leading to transformation into Christ’s likeness.
  2. Content Processing with Peers: Identify Paul’s theology about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, sin, salvation, and the mission of the church to reach the lost.
  3. Ministry Capability Development: Model Paul’s teaching about ministry and the training of laity in the church to fulfill the mission of God.
  4. Application in Mission and Community: Determine appropriate methods from Paul’s ministry and teachings for making contacts in the community.


  • Syllabus
  • Asia-Pacific Module Handbook