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Improving on the Good

The first chapter of Genesis has an interesting pattern.   Right at the beginning God declares creation “Good.”   But then He makes changes, improvements on that good creation and the improvements are also good.    Then more improvements and still creation is good.

This pattern shows that even good things created directly by God can be improved.    All human activities can be improved without calling the previous pattern a “mistake” or “a bad decision” or “the wrong way.”   Previous decisions were made with the best information, and abilities at the time.   Many of us were taught using systems that have been improved since we were in school.

It is time for an improvement.   We moved in the direction of outcome based education back in 1997.   We are going to move even more strongly in that direction now.   We need to have a clear focus on what the student needs to be when they exit our program.   The steps leading to that outcome need to be clearly defined.

It is more important what the student learns and whether they learn it than how they learn and when they learn it.


  1. John Moore says:

    2nd paragraph 2nd word – The word patter is supposed to be pattern I believe

  2. equip-admin says:

    Yes, thanks for the careful reading, this has been corrected.

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