One of the discoveries in education in the past few decades is that there are many kinds of learning styles.   Some people learn well reading while others need to draw, sing, or make a sculpture of the concept at hand.   Michelangelo expressed the idea of creation in a beautiful painting.  The arts have long been used by the church to teach history and the life of Christ.  Music is core to worship.   We are deeply in debt to John Wesley for his theological hymns.

We want to encourage teachers and module writers to include the arts in assignments for students.   Drawing time lines, singing hymns, allowing and even encouraging projects to include artistic elements will help many of our students grasp the material.

I hope that in the future we can get key concepts for each class written into song and then put to local musical styles so that students can sing our materials.   I hope that in the future we can find good artists who can draw key concepts so that students can see what we are saying!  I pray on a regular basis that God will raise up song writers who can express the doctrine of Entire Sanctification for this generation.

Lets use the arts as much as we can!