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Open Materials

Love for students and translators,

Helping the poor and needy

We want our regional modules to be self-contained.   That is every module should contain all the materials necessary for a student to complete the class.   The core materials will be in the module itself.   Supporting materials should be public domain or an open copyright such as Creative Common 4.0   This will allow the materials to be easily copied and translated.

This means that writers need to be able to give core concepts and support them with open or public domain materials.  Most original sources are in public domain and can be given to students who can read English in electronic format.  (Normally epub).  The majority of students in Asia Pacific do not have access to library resources in their own languages.  Students who do have access to materials can be assigned to those in their own languages.

This requirement comes from the need to love our neighbor as ourselves and to do for others what we would want them to do for us.  Across Asia Pacific most students do not have extensive library resources.   Most have few if any resources in their local languages.   Those of us who can produce materials should produce them in an open way using a level of English that translators can easily translate core concepts.   This shows love for students and translators.