The mother was walking to the doctor as her two year old daughter lay dying in her arms.  A new Christian she lifted her heart in prayer that God would heal her daughter.   Arriving at the doctor’s home, the child lay cold on the exam table, “She’s dead” said the doctor as he examined her.   The mother continued praying.  After a bit the girl’s body began to warm, then a bit later she sat up!   God heard and answered the cry of a mother.

We need to include prayer in the classroom, not just as an introduction to the session, but as an active part of the activities, teamwork, and discussions.   Prayer is an essential activity for every pastor, teacher and Christian and we must include it as a constant and vital part of our teaching.    We should study prayer historically, explore different types, encourage silence, shouting, and read prayers.   The student should experience God in the class, not just examine Him at a distance.

Prayer is a core activity in this course of study.  Let’s integrate it into all our activities.